In today’s fast-moving world, it can be difficult to follow political dynamics and policy changes — and even harder to try to change them. Peacock Legal knows how to navigate the details and help achieve the desired outcome: policy that works and legal strategies that advance our clients’ interests.

  • Policy Development
  • Lobbying & Advocacy
  • Government Relations
  • State Regulations
  • Trends & Strategies

We can serve as a guide through the policymaking process because we understand how the government works and how consensus is created.

Policy Development

Peacock Legal cares about good public policy — policy built on real-world experiences and innovative solutions. We partner with our clients to understand their big ideas and communicate them to the right audiences. We help with legal and legislative research and analysis, bill drafting, legal and political evaluation, and then we lead our clients to the right opportunities to share their vision and achieve their goals.

Lobbying / Government Relations

Peacock Legal represents our clients wherever the conversation unfolds — a state agency, the legislature, or the Governor’s office. Our strong relationships and proven expertise open doors for our clients to communicate their goals and build the support they need to effect change.

Legal Services